Sweeten Up Your Self-Care Routine with Lalicious Sugar Scrubs

Sweeten Up Your Self-Care Routine with Lalicious Sugar Scrubs

Looking for an exfoliator to keep you super-soft, silky-smooth, and glowing? Look no further than Lalicious’s Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrubs!

5 Reasons to Use Sugar Scrubs

Besides the obvious benefit of getting that “smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom” feeling, here are the top 5 reasons you should add a sugar scrub to your self-care routine:

  • Sugar scrubs can help even out your skin tone by polishing away dead skin.
  • Unlike other exfoliants that use nut shells, sugar doesn’t harshly scrape or irritate sensitive skin.
  • Using a sugar scrub before shaving can help prevent razor burn by softening the skin, making it easier for your razor’s blades to glide.
  • Exfoliating with a sugar scrub can help prevent ingrown hairs from growing sideways or curling into your skin after shaving.
  • Sugar scrubs can help your other skincare products penetrate more easily by removing dead skin and other buildup.

Why We Love Lalicious

There are a lot of sugar scrubs in the world, but in our opinion, Lalicious is tough to top! Here are 4 reasons why:

Nothing But the Good Stuff

Lalicious sugar scrubs whip together naturally exfoliating pure cane sugar with nourishing coconut oil and sweet almond oil for an unbelievably dreamy texture that’s oh-so-sweet to your skin. 😊 If you want to be left feeling silky-smooth, Lalicious is the way to go!

Delicious Scents

Lalicious is anything but one-note. We love that their scents range from superbly sophisticated (like The Signature Sugar Scrub’s peach nectar, coconut milk, and creamy musks) to sweet, light florals (like the citrus, rose, and vanilla of Sugar Kiss).

They also offer the classic—but no less indulgent—scents of warm Brown Sugar Vanilla, soothing Sugar Coconut (the touch of pineapple is 👌), and relaxing Sugar Lavender.

Plus, these scents also come in hydrating body butter, weightless hand cream, and an absolutely genius combination of cleansing shower oil + bubble bath, making it easy to layer your favorite scent to your heart’s content! 🧖‍♀️

Adorable Packaging

These products look good on the counter, on your vanity, or in the shower. We particularly love the breezy coastal-inspired design on Sugar Reef, and we’re obsessed with the pastel polka-dot “sprinkles” on the Birthday Cake label! How can you not love those?! 😍

The mini-sized scrubs are even more adorable (and priced right for sampling!):

Perfect for Gifting

At Bella Boutique, we’re all about giving fun, sweet, and meaningful gifts. Whether it’s to celebrate a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or just to say you care, we know the power of gifts—and how the right one has the ability to create treasured memories.

So what are you communicating to a friend, family member, or loved one (or even yourself!) when you give them the gift of soft, smooth, radiant skin with an irresistible scent from Lalicious?

❤️ You care about their well-being

❤️ You give them permission to show themselves a little love

❤️ You encourage them to enjoy time to themselves

In our hustle-and-bustle world, these messages go a long way!

Ready to Shop?

You can use the links in this post to browse Lalicious’s wonderful selection of Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrubs. Or, stop by and see us at 5623 Kavanaugh in Little Rock! Give us a call at (501) 603-5373 to see what’s available, or just drop in Monday through Saturday. We’d love to see you! 🥰

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