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Classic Candle Black Pomegranate - 15.5 oz.

Classic Candle Black Pomegranate - 15.5 oz.

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black pomegranate | cherry | oak wood

The resinous scent of aged wooden barrels lingers in the air. As the first glass is poured, a lush blend of black pomegranate, cherry and Bordeaux sparkle with the brightness of lemon cypress. Sweet jasmine and green ylang ylang are warmed by black cedar and oak wood to make it dark and luscious.


    Fragrance Family: Fruity

    TOP: Top notes are the first impression of a fragrance.
    - Black Apple
    - Black Currant
    - Lemon Cypress
    - Black Eucalyptus

    MIDDLE: Middle notes are the heart the of fragrance.
    - Black Pomegrante
    - Jasmine
    - Ylang
    - Bordeaux Accord

    BOTTOM: Bottom notes are the final and lasting impression.
    - Patchouli
    - Black Cedar
    - Aged Oakwood
    - Vetiver

    Fragrance Life: Up to a 90 hour burn time.
    Dimensions: 4" D x 4" H
    Weight: 15.5oz


    A beautifully designed handblown glass vessel crafted to enhance the burning experience.
    The vessel can be reused as a part of your home decor.

    Key Ingredients in Formula:
    - Soy Wax
    - Essential Oil Based Fragrances
    - 100% Cotton Wick
    - Touch of Paraffin Wax (just enough to enhance the fragrance delivery)

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