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Modern Wit Cards

Modern Wit Cards

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It takes a special kind of person to tolerate us for any length of time, let alone for years on end. That's why our "I Definitely Could Not Have Tolerated Me For This Long" funny anniversary card is the perfect way to show your appreciation and love for your partner's patience, love, humor, and unwavering support.

Designed with the signature wittiness and playfulness that Modern Wit is known for, this humorous card captures the cheeky spirit of your enduring friendship. It features an eye-catching design on the front, with a message that screams, "I definitely could not have tolerated me for this long." Instantly, your partner will be cracking up, recognizing the humor in the message and the truth behind it.

Our design team puts thought and creativity into each card, ensuring that the visuals perfectly match the witty and playful messages which is why we use high-quality printing on heavy weight, premium white cardstock sized at 4.25 x 5.5 inches.
We have left the inside blank for your personalized touch where you can let your emotions flow. Comes with coordinating sturdy, recycled, kraft envelopes and packaged in a clear cello sleeve for secure shipping.

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